Clinton’s Lying Deteriorating Relations With Russia

After the fallout from the WikiLeaks release of nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails, both the party and Hillary Clinton‘s campaign went into damage control mode. Four DNC staffers, including chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resigned—yet the Party itself has refused to meaningfully address the content of the leaks. Sen. Elizabeth Warren called the release an “embarrassment,” and while DNC issued a formal apology, most Democrats blame Russia.

French Authorities Debating Over Banning the Burkini

If want to lay out on the beach, covered from head to toe, that should be my prerogative. Additionally, for those times I am feeling like a patch over my nipples, vagina and anus are adequate, the government, regardless of what country you live in, should not be able to tell anyone how they should dress.

Deceased FBI Agent Found At Trump Tower With Silenced Pistol

A source within the NYPD has reported that an armed 62 year old man tried to sneak in to the Trump Tower late Tuesday night. Interestingly the suspect who was found with a semi-automatic handgun fitted with a silencer has been identified as Barry Lee Bush, a former Newark NJ FBI agent who has been dead since 2007.

Julian Assange Is Making Good On His Promise To Snitch On Us Spooks

The breach of an elite NSA-linked hacking unit dubbed the Equation Group, which exposed a number of cyber weapons used by US spooks, Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks who has come to terms with the fact that his idea of extortion for $550m has miserably failed and gone down the toilet, is now claiming he will publish a ‘pristine’ version of the hacked data online for the world to see.