[Developing Story] Brian Michael – Get Off The Bs – 8/8/2016

Late Monday afternoon,  the mistress of the infamous Edward Snowden announced the death of Snowden, who was allegedly killed this past Saturday by a drunken knife wielding Buryat man in the Republic of Buryatia.

MKRU News (Russia) reported this past Saturday that a drunken man who for some reason took exception to a man, presumably Snowden, saving his wife from drowning, attacked a woman by slicing her neck and stabbed her male companion in the thigh, who later died from severe blood loss in a local hospital.

MKRU reported that young people brought a woman to life, presumably the wife of the attacker, and began to accompany her to a parking lot. At that point, the husband who was hiding between some cars rushed at them with a knife.

As a result, one person was stabbed in the thigh, the second – in the chin area. The injured were taken to a nearby hospital, where one of them died as a result of the extensive blood loss.  The unidentified man was allegedly 27 years old. (Snowden who was born on June 21, 1983, would be 33 now)

Mistress Of Edward Snowden Pronounces Snowden Dead In Russia

Late this afternoon (approximately 4:45pm Moscow time), a women posted the following comment with MKRU:

Человек, который умер был от друга , Eward Сноуден . Он был великим патриотом и будет не хватать меня и моей семьи . Какая бессмысленная смерть от пьяного

English translation: The man who died was my friend Eward Snowden . He was a great fighter and will miss me and my family . What a senseless death from a drunken ??? 

Mistress Of Edward Snowden Pronounces Snowden Dead In Russia

In later response to the aforementioned comment a woman using the user name Lindsay (possibly Lindsay Mills) posted the following:

Наташа , ты, сука . Вы не имели права сообщать кому-либо о смерти моего дорогого Эдварда . Ты шлюха . Разве не достаточно для вас , что вы обманули? Спал с моим мужем ? Это было мое место, чтобы сломать новости – новости должны быть разбиты . Позор на вас шлюхой . Линдсей 

English translation: Natasha, you bitch. You had no right to inform someone about the death of my dear Edward. You’re a whore. Is not it enough for you that you cheated? Slept with my husband? It was my place to break the news – news must be broken. Shame on you whore .

Mistress Of Edward Snowden Pronounces Snowden Dead In Russia 

Soon after, Natasha responded by stating the following: 

Линдсей , вы не были там , вы были? Эдвард любил меня . Если он когда-либо любил вас , его любовь давно pased для вас. Почему ты плачешь прямо сейчас шлюху ? Где вы были ночи ему нужно то, что ты не мог дать ему. Я была его женщиной. Ваши глупые слезы прямо сейчас ничего не значат для меня . Плачьте , если вы не можете , никто не будет слышать их . Его вечная любовь принадлежит мне . Иди домой. Вы никогда не были рады. 

English translation: Lindsay, you were not there, were you? Edward loved me. If he ever loved you, I love him for a long time passed for you. Why are you crying now whore? Where were you the night he needed something you could not give him. I was his woman. Your stupid tears now do not mean anything to me. Weep if you must, no one will hear your tears. His eternal love belongs to me. Go home. You have never been welcome.  

In contrast to the MRKU article YNW reported on Friday evening that a strange Tweet that was allegedly sent by the Twitter account of Edward Snowden, sparked fears that he may be in trouble or dead.

Mistress Of Edward Snowden Pronounces Snowden Dead In Russia

The Tweet, which was deleted minutes after, was a 64 character code and is now being interpreted as a ‘dead-man’s switch’ which could mean he is either dead or missing.

A dead-man’s switch is a message set up to be automatically sent if the holder of the account does not perform a regular check-in. In Snowden’s case, his dead-man’s switch could possibly be the key to the encrypted files he distributed among journalists and associates.  

Snowden’s first release in 2013 sent shock-waves through the intelligence community and confirmed suspicions that many people had held about the NSA for years.  However the information he released was a mere fraction of the data he held when he left the United States. 

This data was disseminated in encrypted files to trusted journalists and associates. There is a network of people holding encrypted files containing information that was deemed too sensitive to release by Snowden. 

According to YNW, reports have surfaced that at least eight popular torrent sites used for distributing large files were immediately taken offline after Snowden’s tweet, suggesting the distribution of files is being suppressed, or at least slowed down, adding to the speculation that Snowden has been killed and the key to his sensitive insurance files has been released.

gellman-tweet-get off the bs

On August 6th, Barton Gellman, an author and alleged friend of Snowden’s, suggested in an alleged Tweet by him, that Snowden’s Tweet was a private message, albeit one that was tweeted privately and will mean something to some people. 

However, YNW reports that two days ago Snowden sent an equally cryptic tweet, addressed to his former NSA colleagues with the message “It’s time.” It is understood with Friday’s 64 character tweet that he may have just released the key to the encrypted files.  At the time of our publishing this story, Gellman has not yet contradicted the YNW report.

Regardless, Snowden’s alleged Tweet and his mistress and former wife’s postings on MRKU,  raises the question of whether Snowden is still alive, as fears grow that Snowden’s alleged Tweeting of a 64 character code is proof of a ‘dead-man’s switch’ released in the event of his death or captivity.  

Authors Notes: 

There are two red flags with this story. The first is that MRKU news reported that the man who died was 27 years old and that he died on August 6th.  The second red flag is that Snowden’s alleged Tweet was allegedly posted on August the 5th.  In my opinion, a dead-man’s switch would be set to at least 24 hours prior to its activation. 

If in fact the switch activated and released the alleged Snowden Tweet, Snowden would have most likely been killed or incapacitated as late as August 4th.  However, newspapers in Russia are subject to government censoring, which would of delayed the story from appearing in an article by MKRU. 

Additionally, it is very interesting that the person charged with the murder and the victims are not named in the MKRA article. I have checked all the news sources in Russia. The only news agency reporting the aforementioned story is MKRU. 

Use your best judgment.  My personal opinion, I think that Natasha and Lindsay have confirmed Snowden’s death.      


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