Obama Letter Reveals Book of Secrets to Trump


A controversial book came to light garnering national attention after the release of the movie National Treasure and recently in a David Press and HW Bush book entitled, The President’s Book of Secrets: The Untold Story of Intelligence Briefings to America’s Presidents from Kennedy to Obama.

Although the controversial book of secrets is rumored to be a conspiracy theory, statements by Herbert Walker Bush, Barrack Obama and now Donald Trump, suggests that the book reveling national secrets, which may reveal secrets such as who actually killed JFK, actually exists.

Having read the book The President’s Book of Secrets: The Untold Story of Intelligence Briefings to America’s Presidents from Kennedy to Obama and recalling a August 20th, 2009 CBS interview with Obama arguably confirming the existence of the presidential books of secrets, I have been waiting for the opportunity to ask my good friend Donald Trump if it has been passed on to him.

Observing Trumps’ demeanor during a press conference today, it was apparent during the swearing in of Trump’s staff this afternoon that Trump is deeply troubled.

Additionally, during this afternoon swearing in of Trump’s staff, Trump mentioned finding a personal letter in the oval office yesterday, left by Obama for him. Trump’s statement about finding the letter yet refusing to talk about what Obama wrote really perked up my curiosity.

That said, my curiosity lead me to contacting Trump this afternoon. After receiving a text message from Trump, I have no doubt that a late night discovery of a letter from Obama to Trump confirming the existence and location of the controversial presidential book of secrets has added more weight to Trump’s deeply troubled shoulders.

“Seriously Lacy I am swamped with numerous crisis situations. Many people dead in the southeast from vicious tornados. Flooding in California…….. The letter is passed on from president to president. Trust me 100%, you are better off not knowing what it and the book contains……”, Trump texted.

Obama Letter Reveals Book of Secrets to Trump

During Trump’s historic presidential campaign, I often chided Trump about letting me know if the book of secrets actually existed when he became our 45th President of the United States of America. I feel honored that my friend Donald Trump, knowing my pension for conspiracy theories, let me know that the book of secrets, passed down from president to president, does in fact exist.

However, although I should be dancing with joy right now, I am truly full of empathy for a great man who is obviously carrying the weight of the nations and arguably the worlds, problems on his shoulders.

Trump has a plentitude of problems on his shoulders from taking back control of our government for the people to numerous crises issues facing our country and world. Being giving the knowledge of such issues as who killed JFK and why and what really happened with 911, Trump must be wondering what the hell he has gotten himself in to by becoming our 45th President.

I ask all of my readers to say a prayer with me, petitioning the Almighty God to give Trump and his people the strength to persevere through the grave issues our savior Trump and his staff will take on to heal our nation and make the world a better place to live today for ourselves and for our children’s future.

This is Brenda Corpian reporting for Get Off The Bs and still pondering who killed JFK and why.

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